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At Bayside Sandblasting & Painting Inc. you get the complete package; one contractor to provide the total package of sandblasting and painting.

This saves the customer time and money, by going with one contractor, the customer saves time in getting the job completed and avoids the extra charges for something unforeseen.

Painting is usually the next step in the process after any kind of surface prep whether it is sandblasting a boat lift or pressure washing a house.

The most critical time for painting is the time between the surface prep and the first coat of paint. If it’s steel we’re working on, it will have limited time to get painted before it rusts and if it’s a house we’re washing, we will have to get a sealer coat on the house before the next time it rains.

Electrostatic Painting

Either way, with Bayside you get the advantage of having both contractors on site at the same time.

Bayside has over 27 years of experience in the field of painting and coating work. We are certified/qualified to apply just about every type of paint on the market from epoxies to complicated zincs and latex coatings. We also staff our own residential and commercial painters for all your painting needs.

Electrostatic Painting

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